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By Gaddaffi Wells

THE MDC Alliance has upped its tempo against Zanu PF, accusing the ruling party of destroying the economy and going on an onslaught against the poor.

Party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere addressing a press briefing called for an end to ZANU-PF’s 40-year reign saying the ruling party was at the center of all economic woes the country is facing.

“Zimbabwe is at the crossroads where we are faced with a battle for the soul of the nation, democracy economic stability and the ability to earn a decent livelihood is are not only under threat but have been bludgeoned by Zanu PF, the nation is in a deep crisis, a crisis of bad governance and performance illegitimacy and a wholesale breakdown between citizens and the state,” said Mahere.

The MDC Alliance recently declared a terrorist organisations by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, accused the ruling party and its leader of being the center of Zimbabwe’s problems and demanded that he must be pushed out in 2023.

“Zanu PF has failed, Mr Mnangagwa is illegitimate and evidence of this crisis exists all around us, the homes and livelihoods of poor citizens struggling to make a living in the midst of a global pandemic and in the middle of winter have been destroyed in Mbare, Chitungwiza and other parts of Harare Metropolitan Province,” said Mahere.

MDC Alliance said the distraction of people’s property and source of livelihoods showed that the Zanu PF  led government was against the poor using the Provincial Coordinator Tafadzwa Muguti and Minister of devolution Oliver Chidawu.


In an effort to oust Zanu PF and Mnangagwa from power through the ballot, Mahere called for unity in changing the future of Zimbabwe saying the MDC Alliance stands ready to lead the charge.

“The MDC Alliance has no hesitation in leading the charge which is why we stand here today firm as the nation’s only credible democratic alternative and ready to win Zimbabwe for change,” said Mahere.

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