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Poet: Andrew Manyika

Do you remember where you were when you heard the sound of an elephant falling in the forest, shaking the ground?

We will not be able to forget, neither will the history, his name will be escorted by the words “iconic” and “legendary”

His memory will be lauded as a hero and a visionary, the truth is he was all these things and more, they are not wrong but we will remember him most, for the heart, he poured out to us in his songs.

Through the craft that he mastered, he earned himself a chapter, in the history of world music and we followed after.

In choosing to articulate stories of his homeland’s stock, he gained a particular glory, broke barriers of sand-rock shouldered a Zimbabwe that was landlocked, and carried it overseas Brought Africa to the world stage for the world to see.

Our Narrator – serenaded as they celebrated, But now – who will guide us in the groove?

He’s gone – who will lead us in the lament? Where elephants wander, they leave giant footprints in their wake, he made his mark, 66 albums over 66 years, chasing a kind of symmetry

And now, mixed with these tears is respect for his mastery of melody And gratitude for the memories.

What do you do when all that remains is the crown but not the king? The song with none to sing?

Can we ever go back there again?

Dairai woye – tingapadzokere here pakare paye?

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