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Temba Munsaka MAD POETRY – The Alluring Darkness published by Royalty Books is the title of Temba Munsaka’s new book. The author of When the Dead Walk and Gourd of Consciousness Poetry member aka will be launching his book at a date to be announced. ****   Wellington Mudhluri South African-based writer Wellington Mudhluri’s crime […]

By Khumbulani Muleya Sensational afro-jazz artist Hope Masike launched her second poetry book collection titled ‘Dzevabvazera’ last Friday at Theatre in the Park just in time to give lover’s the perfect valentine’s gift. The poems in the book are sizzling hot and deeply sensual, it is an anthology that celebrates the art of skillful lovemaking […]

Poet: Rutendo Mugadza If only he could then I would If only she would then I could So we think and we wonder and we ponder Why can’t he: why can’t she If only we both knew, then we both would Why doesn’t he just then I will                […]

“A Hole in the Air” In this compelling debut short story collection, Lazarus Panashe Nyagwambo offers his interpretation of the human condition, delving deep into the psyche of the personas he invents – their perspectives, motives, and emotions, with a vividness that radiates from the pages. A Hole in the Air is a blend of […]

By Afro Poetiq mind There is no better ink that can pen this poem than the lips of a woman. I am woman, more than murals painted from a man’s rib. More than the Thunder chumming up with these gut-wrenching floods a few days into every new month. I am more than the winds in […]


December 11, 2021

BY BLESSED MHLANGA DAGGERS have been drawn in the battle for power in the Douglas Mwonzora led outfit, amid allegations that deputy president Thokozani Khupe is being targeted for recalls from parliament and eventual ouster from the party. Khupe has since approached her lawyers demanding that the Mwonzora led MDC T, which she accused of […]

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown period exacerbated cases of gender-based violence. However, while the entire globe was being ravaged by the pandemic a lot of writers took the opportunity of the long spells due to quarantine and self-isolation to dive deep into their creative depths and use literature in raising awareness about topical issues such […]

Child marriages are still prevalent in Zimbabwe, of major concern are evangelical groups that belong to indigenous apostolic churches who have consistently been found violating child rights by forcing children into early marriages. Several months after the sad ordeal of Anna ‘Memory’ Machaya who died trying to give birth at an apostolic sect shrine, a […]

Dr. Ngozi is one of the youngest Africans who were at the forefront of Global Health Security researching on finding vaccines for Corona Virus and Ebola Virus as well as being a senior health advisor to the Government of England.  She is truly passionate about finding solutions for people all over the world to live […]

It’s time to rewrite the stories of our blended families in Africa. There can be nothing quite as daunting as becoming a step-parent. More so, for women who have to face the negative stereotypes associated with the “wicked stepmother” narrative so deeply entrenched in culture and folklore. Yet more women find themselves stepping into this […]