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Temba Munsaka MAD POETRY – The Alluring Darkness published by Royalty Books is the title of Temba Munsaka’s new book. The author of When the Dead Walk and Gourd of Consciousness Poetry member aka will be launching his book at a date to be announced. ****   Wellington Mudhluri South African-based writer Wellington Mudhluri’s crime […]

Poet: Denzel Muchaya The heart bleeds But on papyrus When blind judges Vindicate criminals And convict innocence They pamper stupidity And flog brilliance Poets have set sail To places yonder Where feet can never wonder Beautifying worlds unseen And realities unheard Yes we bleed For no man realizes We have been To the heavens above […]

By Khumbulani Muleya Sensational afro-jazz artist Hope Masike launched her second poetry book collection titled ‘Dzevabvazera’ last Friday at Theatre in the Park just in time to give lover’s the perfect valentine’s gift. The poems in the book are sizzling hot and deeply sensual, it is an anthology that celebrates the art of skillful lovemaking […]

Dr. Ngozi is one of the youngest Africans who were at the forefront of Global Health Security researching on finding vaccines for Corona Virus and Ebola Virus as well as being a senior health advisor to the Government of England.  She is truly passionate about finding solutions for people all over the world to live […]

Poet: Kelvin K Nyakubaya We buried the old man the other day, like a seed into the ground. I hope his soul sprouts into a flower, the Forget me not. I loved him very dearly, still do never got around to remind him that, l hope he knew, I hope he knows. The one life […]

BY Adrian Maratu A homeless war veteran (Daniel Chakwizira) wallowing in adjunct poverty and struggling to feed himself after fighting for Zimbabwe’s independence has reacted with anger and disdain over the lavish spending by George Guvamatanga, the Finance Permanent Secretary. Chakwizira a 66-year-old war veteran who has been living on the streets for nearly 30 […]

Poet: Jurgen Namupira Then we sought peace, but we were shredded like gouda all into pieces, spread across the landscape to be devoured mercilessly. We are victims of a kind heart, forgiving the unforgivable Unfortunate for being tolerant, Risking it all for love yet, we lost everything still. Who will heal our land, when we […]