Heart and Soul

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Poet: Mthulisi ‘KingKG’ Ndlovu

Souls haunting and enchanting. Restless Spirits, wavering and taunting. Spirit-less zombies in glittery suits hyping. The forces, forcefully pounding on innocence. Greedy maggots feeding on people’s misery. Hooliganism booing and mocking sovereignty. Live ammunition caressing bare human skin. Citizens on their knees yearning for mercy, Sophisticated terrorism coated with questionable diplomacy. Red pigmented tears flowing straight into the red sea splashing sorrows.

Pummelled and battered for unknown mischiefs. Bayonets crucifying sin-less masses. The merciless guillotine chopping this and that. Bullets of hate pointed at harmless and unarmed civilians.

People vanish, as some turn into unvenerable villains. People bow, as some stare with hurt. Soar scars of wars that claimed innocence. Grenades are still at a foolish man’s disposal. Weapons of mass destruction hailed by modern-day tyrants.

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