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Poet: Rumbidzai Olivia Mubirira

 When it has become the norm

To wake up to the strong odor of raw sewage?

When I can’t afford bread,

When I spend the whole day shouting “mbinga”,

When I combine two meals to come up with “brunch”,

When I dress in rags,

When I sit at 180 degrees in their offices,

In the name of securing my job,

When I let out fake moans to please the old chaps?

Silence is golden?

When I marry to save my image,

From the ruthless society?

When I cry silently as I swallow their harsh comments,

You say silence is golden?

Silence is golden my foot,

When I carry the double burden of being wife and mother at the same time,

You say humility is next to Godliness,

Always spicing up with silence is golden,

Silence is golden?

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