Heart and Soul

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Poet: Ivainashe Nyamutsamba

Take a minute, pluck a leaf from the moment. So much has been lost at a massive cost yet you seem to be lost. Look at your heart rust, your conscience is hard as toast, yet you boast and bang your chest as if you are a silverback gorilla crowning yourselves as the most intelligent species on my face.

How fickle is your heart sunken in the sand like a worm. Your delusions of grandeur shall be the death of you

All you do is take, so much is taken and little is given. Need I remind you that I am mother.
I always show you signs, you do not listen
As the globe heats like a boiling pot need I remind you that you need me I do not need you.

The mighty dinosaurs they came and went, all you do is imagine what their lives were like
Now I ask you is this what you want to be? Again, I remind you, I am mother

You need me. I do not need you, Lest you forget
I am mother…

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