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Poet: Ndaba Sibanda

my poem is an opposite, reverse, backward one,
a yellow sky, the sum of none but red and green,
my poem is prose like a piece of icy rays in the sun,
I’ve tried my hand at an epic, acrostic, not his one,
I’ve tried my hand at a haiku, bio, but not this one,
it’s like free verse which is unliberated, this one!
all those poetic forms filled me with a ton of fun,

this one is as sweet as tucking into some lemon,
what happens when life throws a misplaced pun
at you? stun it, turn it into a bun, that’s dad’s opinion,
when life frowns into a hell, smile into your heaven,
son, anyone, any human, has an option, it`s open,
run at your pace, don’t race, that’s the mission!

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