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Poet: Fungai Jayaguru

Last week we attended a show,

The girl child was encouraged to show up,

To speak out and seek help!

Last week we attended a Court session,

The pink’s perpetrator was sent to hell,

Eve is in safe hands, today’s woman is secured.

This morning I met a brother,

Emotionally bruised and mentally wounded,

A victim of

heart choices,

A victim of Eve’s rights.

He broke down, yet no one reached out,

Told his story but no one responded,

The elders only shrugged when his wife roasted his chest with cooking oil,

No court was attended for his female boss who clapped him twice, thrice,

Everyone ignored when his female besty peeped through his shirt,

The police mocked him for being a chicken when he filed in,

Society gave him tags for being a weak man.

Who speaks for the men in pain?

How many advocates are for men’s rights?

Who speaks for the wounded Adam?

Where is the equality canoe when Adam is left to drown?

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