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By Adrian Maratu/Vongai Kahwa

PICTURES of School pupils packed like sardines in the back of a Mushikashika as they raced to school owing to transport shortages triggered anger among parents who have blamed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for collapsing the public transport system.

In a video   ( https://twitter.com/HStvNews/status/1437669153993863168?s=20 ) over five primary pupils were caught around Mabvuku, Harare staked in the back of a silver Mushikashika (illegal transport operator) in obvious disregard of social distancing protocols, required to stop the spread of Covid-19.

 Owing to the shortage of public transport,  illegal private transport operators have become the only solution for school pupils to get to and from school.

Parents said they were unhappy with the transport system which has seen most of their children risking their lives as they jostle for scarce transport,

“Not only do they risk contracting Covid-19 in the ensuring pressure to get in the available mode of transport, even as they are transported there is no masking, no social distancing, and the driving is dangerous, government has to look into these issues seriously,” Tariro Mukamure from Mabvuku said.

Before the images circulated, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Tumisang Thabela said they expected pupils to report for class without fail.

“Just like the workers who are going to work every day, the children also have to go to school every day,” she said.

Thabela said the government has come up with solutions to fix the transport problems by adding more buses and introducing the Zupco train.


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