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COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown period exacerbated cases of gender-based violence. However, while the entire globe was being ravaged by the pandemic a lot of writers took the opportunity of the long spells due to quarantine and self-isolation to dive deep into their creative depths and use literature in raising awareness about topical issues such […]

Child marriages are still prevalent in Zimbabwe, of major concern are evangelical groups that belong to indigenous apostolic churches who have consistently been found violating child rights by forcing children into early marriages. Several months after the sad ordeal of Anna ‘Memory’ Machaya who died trying to give birth at an apostolic sect shrine, a […]

Dr. Ngozi is one of the youngest Africans who were at the forefront of Global Health Security researching on finding vaccines for Corona Virus and Ebola Virus as well as being a senior health advisor to the Government of England.  She is truly passionate about finding solutions for people all over the world to live […]

It’s time to rewrite the stories of our blended families in Africa. There can be nothing quite as daunting as becoming a step-parent. More so, for women who have to face the negative stereotypes associated with the “wicked stepmother” narrative so deeply entrenched in culture and folklore. Yet more women find themselves stepping into this […]

Chef Q’udzie definitely got us excited on the Morning Latte show as he shared his phenomenal journey in the culinary industry. He is a chef to the ones at the high table such as Pokello and Exq. His passion and drive got us thinking about passion, commitment, and perseverance. Feeding your Passion with your day […]

By Adrian Maratu ZANU-PF has triggered discussions around extending the presidential term for President Emmerson Mnangagwa beyond 2023. The party youth league led by its acting secretary, Tendai Chirau said it wants to push for constitutional amendments that will  allow President  Mnangagwa to stay in office longer, “We agreed that it is important that if […]

Poet: Ivainashe Nyamutsamba Take a minute, pluck a leaf from the moment. So much has been lost at a massive cost yet you seem to be lost. Look at your heart rust, your conscience is hard as toast, yet you boast and bang your chest as if you are a silverback gorilla crowning yourselves as […]

By Victoria Sithole GOVERNMENT is looking to stop nurses and other top skilled civil servants from leaving the country by offering them free Wi-fi connection, transport, and accommodation according to a post-cabinet brief. Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa told the press that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, through his ministry of Health had come up with a […]

Poet: Kelvin K Nyakubaya We buried the old man the other day, like a seed into the ground. I hope his soul sprouts into a flower, the Forget me not. I loved him very dearly, still do never got around to remind him that, l hope he knew, I hope he knows. The one life […]

BY Adrian Maratu A homeless war veteran (Daniel Chakwizira) wallowing in adjunct poverty and struggling to feed himself after fighting for Zimbabwe’s independence has reacted with anger and disdain over the lavish spending by George Guvamatanga, the Finance Permanent Secretary. Chakwizira a 66-year-old war veteran who has been living on the streets for nearly 30 […]