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A bullish Zanu PF has declared that those who have been opposed the liberation struggle and land

reform programme should never dream of taking over the reigns of power in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at a press conference, acting party spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa, threw a thinly veiled

attack at the main opposition accused by his party of opposing land reform and siding with the west

to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Chinamasa without directly naming the MDC Alliance said they did not deserve to rule Zimbabwe.

Chinamasa with the colonial masters

“Those who opposed the independence of this country, those who opposed the land redistribution

programme should never dream of ruling this country they don’t deserves it, they and their masters,

they don’t deserve it. So, we need to have those messages loud and clear on this day,” Chinamasa


Zanu PF has in the past officially accused the MDC since its days under Morgan Tsvangirai, of being British puppets, who are opposed to the chaotic land reform program.

The two parties have a fierce rivalry at polls which at times escalates to violence and allegations of manipulating the elections.

The later President Robert Mugabe of Zanu PF after falling in 2008 polls, refused to cede power to winner Morgan Tsvangirai forcing a bloody and deadly rerun and eventually a power sharing deal with Mugabe at the helm.

Chinamasa said Zimbabwe was born of fire and not democracy and therefore those who are seen as opposing the fire cannot takeover power.

“Zimbabwe is a liberated country, it did not come through democracy, there was no vote to say Zimbabwe now wants to become Independent, it was fought for, now those who opposed its liberation should never dream of ruling this country,” he said.

Pressed to name the specific persons whom he said should never dream of ruling Zimbabwe, Chanamasa told the media they are known.

“Those who opposed the land redistribution program, those who do not want to see the complete liberation of this country. By opposing they became sell outs, they went to bed with the colonial master. Right now, they talk about human rights, they were never any human rights during colonial times, the colonial master only started talking about human rights in 1980 when he handed over power,” Chinamasa said seething with anger.

Army generals who are seen as the power behind Zanu PF’s throne, have in the past said the presidency in Zimbabwe is a strait jacket only worn by those who fought in the liberation war struggle.




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