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By Afro Poetiq mind

There is no better ink that can pen this poem than the lips of a woman.
I am woman,
more than murals painted from a man’s rib.
More than the Thunder chumming up with these gut-wrenching floods a few days into every
new month.
I am more than the winds in my moods,
The swing in my winds.
I am woman.
I am more than a big girl that throws tantrums just like how my little boy throws his trucks and
toys all over,
We are both emotional.
My emotions could create seas
But his father’s tears are highly competitive,
So no I am not the weaker one.
I am just as vulnerable as he is,
I am human just like we are.
Sometimes my ego questions these salty seas
if being expressive is worth looking this weak,
But then I remember when a woman in labor travails she is at her strongest,
No man can birth Isaac and generations that will make Abraham the father of many nations.
I am woman.
I am more than the sun tap dancing on my epidermis
my abilities could school the sun’s rays,
But I would rather sit and school the seed that I am raising,
Teach him about how woman is the origin of sons,

Some sons with guns in their mouths,
Ready to pierce wombs
To construct tombs upon the faces of women’ s tongues,
But no we will not be silenced by Kings that have made slaves out of their own thoughts,
Authorities that sail themselves in their mental slave ships.
I am woman,
My femininity is not a tribal mark for the people of the less significant tribe.
I am woman, not a shadow of Adam,
But a helper because alone he cannot do it.
I am woman.
A proponent against patriarchy, not masculinity.
I am woman, a minority venting out for the majority silently yearning for parity.
I am woman
fighting against the artifacts man has successfully exhibited in woman’s system,
injections of battered woman syndrome.
I am woman, tired of victims that perpetrate,
I am woman angry at every woman that ever said, “why did she wear her short skirt in the first
maybe her legs would not have been so easy to unlock!”
I am woman embattled for freedom for men and women with shackled ways of thinking.
I am woman, not an object that cannot object!
I am woman
Carrying a vision.
craving for bread, not bread crumbs.
with a magical touch that turns ruins into reigns,
Floods into rainbows,
Lost hope into anthologies.

I am change.
I am Doctor Hope Sadza,
I am Doctor Anna marry Nyakabau, educating others of my kind.
I am woman
I am Dhambisa Moyo,an economic thinking machine,
Chipo Gatsi
Chipo Matimba, acquainted with clouds.
I am Oprah Winfrey from being a victim of circumstance to being an influence,
through my voice I put men into power.
I am woman
I am Mbuya Nehanda
Queen Nzinga,
Yaa asantewaa,
African goddesses fought for their people.
Afro Poetiq mind fighting for her people
I am Tererai Trent, a girl with dreams buried in a can,
a woman breathing through the reality of the dreams that were once stillborns.
I am woman
I am Shonda Rhymes,
Danai Gurira , breaking barriers for women in film
Maureen Sumbwe,
Angela Merkel ,
Maya Angelou,
Advocate Mahere,
I am Beatrice Mtetwa

Tsitsi Masiyiwa,
Tsitsi Dangarembwa.
Chiwoniso Maraire
I am Ruvheneko,
Jestina Mukoko
Winnie Mandela,
I am woman
I am my mother
The woman who bore this great voice uttering words that build Galaxies.
I am woman
the virgin carrying the savior of the same men usurping thrones of queens.
I am woman more than murals painted from a man’s rib,
More than pots and pans.
I am woman more than the murals painted from a man’s rib
I am woman,
I am a home,
I am a nation,
I am a continent,
I am the world
I am Afro Poetiq mind.

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