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BY Adrian Maratu
A homeless war veteran (Daniel Chakwizira) wallowing in adjunct poverty and struggling to feed himself after fighting for Zimbabwe’s independence has reacted with anger and disdain over the lavish spending by George Guvamatanga, the Finance Permanent Secretary.

Chakwizira a 66-year-old war veteran who has been living on the streets for nearly 30 years, through HSTV asked President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take the issue of Guvamombe’s flagrant abuse of his position as he threw shad to the poor.

“We can’t have people who are serving a nation behaving as if they live on a different planet, how they can have so much foreign currency to spend when the government itself is struggling, this is a shame and the President must act,” he said.

Chakwizira said he was still fighting a war to liberate Zimbabweans mentally because while the guns had been rested, mental colonization remains especially where the ruling class ignores the pressing issues of the day.

“Well, I felt the task of liberating people was not through yet so this was more of a theological and mental liberation phase which we are in now. We have to embrace all forms of humanity so it’s beyond nationalism that the reason I decided to live in the streets,” he said.

Last month war veterans were arrested while demonstrating at the minister of finance and Infrastructure development, where they were demanding better pensions for their contributions to the liberation of the country. Homeless war vet angered by Guvamatanga

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