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Gourd of Consciousness Poems

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By Afro Poetiq mind There is no better ink that can pen this poem than the lips of a woman. I am woman, more than murals painted from a man’s rib. More than the Thunder chumming up with these gut-wrenching floods a few days into every new month. I am more than the winds in […]

Poet: Ivainashe Nyamutsamba Take a minute, pluck a leaf from the moment. So much has been lost at a massive cost yet you seem to be lost. Look at your heart rust, your conscience is hard as toast, yet you boast and bang your chest as if you are a silverback gorilla crowning yourselves as […]

Poet: Mthulisi ‘KingKG’ Ndlovu Souls haunting and enchanting. Restless Spirits, wavering and taunting. Spirit-less zombies in glittery suits hyping. The forces, forcefully pounding on innocence. Greedy maggots feeding on people’s misery. Hooliganism booing and mocking sovereignty. Live ammunition caressing bare human skin. Citizens on their knees yearning for mercy, Sophisticated terrorism coated with questionable diplomacy. […]

Poet: Temba Musaka Darkness is not just a state of affairs but more importantly, it is a presence; of whimsical creatures that pervade the crevasses of sanity. Darkness is more than just a color! It is a tangible space of cognitive wars. I have learned to metabolize it, to behold and harness it, to make […]

Poet: Andrew Manyika Do you remember where you were when you heard the sound of an elephant falling in the forest, shaking the ground? We will not be able to forget, neither will the history, his name will be escorted by the words “iconic” and “legendary” His memory will be lauded as a hero and a […]

One day we will wake up to find every grain of sand, every sacred hill,  every river bequeathed to us by our ancestors gone. Mortgaged Even the air we breathe too, All gone for jets and jet fuel and other trivial luxuries. One day we will wake up not belonging to ourselves. Poet’s Bio Batsirai […]

Ash rests on our faces now distraught, We take up our bags, leave the rubble and inferno. Where were you when the kindling burned? All lays in ruin now… one-two seven-ten, bodies hurl through open windows. Where was Nathi Ndlovu when the fire started? One doctor asks another A little boy goes missing, a mother […]

Poet: Jurgen Namupira Then we sought peace, but we were shredded like gouda all into pieces, spread across the landscape to be devoured mercilessly. We are victims of a kind heart, forgiving the unforgivable Unfortunate for being tolerant, Risking it all for love yet, we lost everything still. Who will heal our land, when we […]