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Poet: Kelvin K Nyakubaya We buried the old man the other day, like a seed into the ground. I hope his soul sprouts into a flower, the Forget me not. I loved him very dearly, still do never got around to remind him that, l hope he knew, I hope he knows. The one life […]

The ZimTrade Youth Export Incubation project, dubbed Eagles Nest nears completion and is set to launch a TV show that will air on Zim National Broadcaster’s ZBC Tv from the 28th of September. The TV show will be profiling the journey of all the Eagles Nest contestants from the first, second, and third phase in […]

The University of Zimbabwe 2021 edition of the Research Week in line with its Strategic Plan 2019-2025 has started today. The Strategic Plan, premised on the Government of Zimbabwe Education 5.0 philosophy embracing Teaching, Research, Community Outreach, Innovation, and Industrialisation, clearly sets the stage for the University’s research and innovation agenda through its various Faculties, […]

Harare, 23 June 2021- Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI Z) joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Whistleblowers Day. Whistle-blowers play a critical role in exposing wrongdoing and corruption, therefore potentially saving the country millions of dollars in public funds and ultimately guaranteeing the effective and efficient delivery of public services. Zimbabwe is a […]

Despite legislation and policy aimed at increasing women’s representation in politics, their ability to claim space has been hampered by their failure to get equal access to political and campaign funding. The challenges begin from the party primary contests where female candidates have to compete against male counterparts who are often well resourced because they […]

EUNICE CHIPUDHLA CHINYANI LEGISLATOR Joana Mamombe defiantly staged a mini demonstration as she walked out of Harare magistrates’ courts, waving a placard calling on the release of Zinasu president Takudzwa Ngadziore who is rotting in remand prison. Already facing charges of leading an illegal demonstration, violating Covid 19 regulations and faking her own abduction, Mamombe […]