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Lazarus Mukwapatira They say each one of us has a story to tell but most people are often too busy to listen. Like this warm, summer evening. I sat at my favorite spot on the veranda staring into the Zimbabwean sunset. I had no one to tell my story. There was just the lonely dove […]

Poet: Ndaba Sibanda my poem is an opposite, reverse, backward one, a yellow sky, the sum of none but red and green, my poem is prose like a piece of icy rays in the sun, I’ve tried my hand at an epic, acrostic, not his one, I’ve tried my hand at a haiku, bio, but […]

Poet: Denzel Muchaya The heart bleeds But on papyrus When blind judges Vindicate criminals And convict innocence They pamper stupidity And flog brilliance Poets have set sail To places yonder Where feet can never wonder Beautifying worlds unseen And realities unheard Yes we bleed For no man realizes We have been To the heavens above […]

By Khumbulani Muleya The future of Young Africa Transformation Trust Children’s Home, a compound orphanage school in Mount Hampden’s  Chigomo brickmaking community is doubtful. The orphanage school is located in a socially depressed environment where its 70 children ranging between the ages of 4 and 17 years are not only subjected to extreme poverty but […]

BY GADDAFFI WELLS IN the face of price hikes and high inflationary pressures on the local currency, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa reacted by declaring the vices, evil, and results of external forces. Mnangagwa while delivering his official speech during the 361st session of the ZANU-PF Politburo session, told his party members that, his government has […]

What does “self-sufficiency” imply to you? How can we ensure that future generations are given an accurate account of history? I ask these and other questions when I speak to war veteran and Jenaguru Arts Director Clive Malunga, Mr Livingstone Muchefa (Curator of Education & Public Programming at National Gallery of Zimbabwe) as well as […]

A Zimbabwe Parks game ranger, a serving and ex Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer appeared before a Harare Magistrate, accused of illegal possession of elephant tusks as reports of crime against law enforcement agents skyrocket. The trio was caught following a tip-off on the 4th of April 2022 at Kamfinsa Shopping Centre in Harare while […]

BY BLESSED MHLANGA HARARE mayor Jacob Mafume has challenged local government minister July Moyo’s attempt to recall him from council in an urgent High Court application, calling the minister’s actions “patently contemptuous.” Mafume who has had running battles with Moyo, stated in his application where he seeks a declarator from the High Court, that despite […]

BY BLESSED MHLANGA RECENT fights for the control of government-owned fuel utility Petrotrade shows that the company appointed a security officer as its Chief Executive Officer. Godfrey Ncube who joined as a security officer is now fighting the board after it moved to replace him with more competent and qualified personnel. Highly placed sources, told […]

Local funeral insurance services provider, Doves Zimbabwe laid Charles Yohane to rest today. The former Zimbabwe national soccer team left-back died on 12 February at the age of 48 in an apparent car-jacking incident. Reports are saying Yohane was working as a part-time taxi driver and as a coach with an amateur football club and […]