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Month: May 2022

The engagement drive being spearheaded by President Mnangagwa is bearing fruits as more countries are warming up to improved bilateral trade-economic relations with Zimbabwe. Of late, the Second Republic has intensified its engagements with fellow African countries as the country looks to unlock opportunities availed by the African Continental Free Trade Area. For example, President […]

Poet: Denzel Muchaya The heart bleeds But on papyrus When blind judges Vindicate criminals And convict innocence They pamper stupidity And flog brilliance Poets have set sail To places yonder Where feet can never wonder Beautifying worlds unseen And realities unheard Yes we bleed For no man realises We have been To the heavens above […]

Poet: Fortunes Munsaka If I glued around my heart a tempered glass, Would fake love window shop for my heart which is still tender? If I painted us a better tomorrow ahead, Would you put on sandals of patience till we grow up together? In your soul, I see from afar a rainbow after the […]

Poet: Tashinga Ruth Ndindana Somebody told me that the worst and most underrated kind of pain is the pain of losing a friend Heartache is like a slow cancer Friend, I know some days you wake up and your home looks like it’s been hit by a tsunami Swept away by a high wave back […]

Lazarus Mukwapatira They say each one of us has a story to tell but most people are often too busy to listen. Like this warm, summer evening. I sat at my favorite spot on the veranda staring into the Zimbabwean sunset. I had no one to tell my story. There was just the lonely dove […]