Short Harare Mayor saved from short stint

Mayor Mafume left in an interview just after landing the job


HARARE mayor Jacob Mafume, has retained his job for the time being after the High Court granted issued an interim interdict against the Minister of Local Government July Moyo, from recalling the short mayor elected just two weeks ago.

The recalls authored by alleged secretary general of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Benjamin Rukanda, had already been auctioned by Moyo locking out Mafume out of office.

High Court judge justice Webster Chinamora, granted the interim relief effectively ensuring that the recalled Mafume and other councilors who contested elections under the MDC Alliance, from the PDP are now back in office.

Mbizo, House of Assembly legislator, Settlement Chikwinya who appeared in court on behalf of PDP as its secretary general said the attempts to recall where just only political mischief.

“Pending the confirmation or discharge of this provisional order the Applicants are granted the following interim relief: The 1st Respondent, his agents or subordinates or anyone acting on his behalf or in terms of the letter from 2nd Respondent dated14 September 2020 be and are hereby interdicted from enforcing or taking action in terms of the letter pending the return dates, ” reads part of the interdict.

The judge further saved Bulawayo Ward 24 Councilor Arnold Batirayi and Mutare Ward 12 Councilor Simon Chabuka who had already been hit by recalls.

The Minister of Local Government and Harare Council consented to the order, giving Mafume a life line.

Mafume said the rulling was a vindication that they are facing political persecution.

“The ruling is a vindication of what I have been saying all along that these people are coming off the streets, they do not belong to the party, they purport to write a letter on behalf of Tendai Biti, who is a signatory to the coalition agreement and our constitution is very clear that a person does not lose their membership by joining the MDC, you lose the membership by joining another party, it’s explicit in our constitution therefore they were just trying their luck and this time they failed dramatically. We are determined to pursue the smart policies to help the residents, the smart policies that were promised by our president Nelson Chamisa,” Mafume said.