Chin’ono demands trial date


By Petronilla Mukamuri

JOURNALIST Hopewell Chin’ono, will be furnished with a trial date on October 19, after Harare regional Magistrate Trynos Utahwashe deferred the case because Magistrate Ngoni Nduna who is to hear the matter was not available.

Arrested July 20 on allegations of inciting public violence ahead of planned antigovernment protests, Chin’ono was back in court on Monday, seeking to have the trial done.

Taona Nyamakura Chin’ono’s lead counsel sought to push the state into providing a trial date on October 19 or he will file an application to refuse further remand.

Addressing the media another Chin’ono lawyer Gift Mutisi, said, explained the strategy that will be rolled out if the state fails to come up with a trial date.

“We appeared before Magistrate Utawashe who postponed the matter to the 19 October for routine remand. We gave the state notice that, on that date if there is no trial date availed to us, we will proceed in making an application for refusal of further remand,” said Mutisi.

“They are still investigating, we were actually shown the docket to show that they are in progress. The prosecution made some recommendations to the police to make further investigations,”Mutisi said.

It is the state’s case that Chin’ono’s allegations in inciting public violence ahead the 31st July 2020 anti-government demonstrations was unconstitutional.