Tagwirei set out to the dogs



ZANU-PF Youth Deputy Secretary Lewis Matutu, youth commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu today accused business mogul Kuda Tagwirei a close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa of being the face of corruption that is bleeding the economy dry.
The two went all out on Tagwirei who for long seemed to be the darling of Zanu PF, Tafadzwa Musarara and businessman Billy Rautenburg saying they are leading cartels in fuel, grain and pharmaceuticals who are, sabotaging the economy.
Speaking at a press conference Matutu challenged Tagwirei to prove his innocence if he is not corrupt
“At some point in time their accounts were frozen but they were unfrozen that we may think they are actually right but let them prove to us that they are right, “he said.
Matutu said they had been an attempt to silence him after he was offered a bribe to keep his mouth shut.
Tagwirei whom he labelled as the cause of the majority of problems allegedly bought shares in CBZ after government move to shift funding of Command Agriculture to the bank.
They alleged that he was behind the machete gangs taking over gold mines including Jumbo mine in Mazowe where illegal gold panning is rampant and other gold rich mines as they loot gold out of the country.
Matutu expressed his concern over Tagwirei’s alleged monopoly and his presence in different business sectors
“What makes him the only one to supply fuel, be part of command agriculture, he wanted to be investigated but he slipped through, he is everywhere and the month that is in the streets is coming from him, “he said.
The two further alleged that Tagwirei was getting access to banks were he withdraws up to $500 000 in cash per day with blessings from the RBZ at a time there is a cash crunch in the country.
The duo who are Zanu PF distanced their utterances from Zanu PF saying the fight was beyond political parties and therefore did not seek permission to hold the press conference.
“We are not representing any group, we know that a lot might happen because this will anger a lot of people, “Matutu said.
Tsenengamu backed Matutu.
“The fight has got nothing to do with a party, it is for a generational cause, ” Tsenengamu said.