Matutu, Tsenengamu fear for life


The ZANU PF duo of politiburo member and deputy secretary for the youth league, Lewis Matutu, youth secretary of the commissariate Godfrey Tsenengamu fear for their lives and jobs at the party after taking head on top party benefactors in a fight against corruption.
The two during a press conference where they opened a can of worms by naming and shaming alleged corruption kingpins whom, they said are powerful and well resourced, said they could be killed or fired.
“If anything so happens between the two of us, do not keep quite about this issue because they will be nomore Zimbabwe, we expect people to react , we know what is likely to happen, we know what will happen,” Matutu said.
Matutu a full time Zanu PF employee who was speaking in his personal capacity said he had make a personal sacrifice to save Zimbabwe from plunder by the corrupt and powerful.
He said he could pay for his action by losing his job, or seat in the politiburo.
“We are prepared even if we lose party leadership positions even tomorrow, but will not keep quiet about corruption issues, because at the end of the day people will think they are comfortable , we beleive in a fair distribution of wealth in a country were citizens are equal according to our constitution” he said.
Tsenengamu backed him saying their stance was going to anger powerful and dangerous man and women but they had no option but to take action.
“”What we are going to say will upset many people and they are already upset, but we are prepared for anything that might happen as long as the message is delivered to the public” said Tsenengamu.
In their expose the members of the Zanu PF youth league singled out business tycoon Kuda Tagwirei as an alleged cartel leader, who enjoys support from the central bank RBZ.
They also named Tafadzwa Musarara accusing him of manipulating the maize meal market, for selfish ends while sabotaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s efforts to revive the economy.
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