Let’s Get Relatable!


Saturday January 18 th was indeed a day to remember, after all, #RELATABLES went live on
HEART AND SOUL ZIM Facebook page for the very first time!
Hosted by yours truly, DJ SAVVY, the show delves into any and all conversations that are
relatable in this thing here that we call ‘life!’
‘Savvages’ (as I’d like to refer to anyone and everyone that follows or joins the
conversation) can come from all walks of life since we are all connected by shared

On this particular episode we talked about the viability of the ‘turn up’ and how it had lost its
luster to ‘swag displaying’ (showing your swag) and ‘champagne popping’ (unnecessarily buying
champagne bottles).
In addition to that, we reflected on how it is easily exhausted…..but if done right it can give you
some great memories!
As the show progressed and got into its second hour, we had our first guest. Tendai Nondo a
great friend, I might add, came in on the ‘Heart Seat’ segment to give his opinion and valuable
The Heart Seat is basically a segment where we discuss matters of the heart and the numerous
issues that surround this complex vessel.
The icing on the cake was when top Zimbabwean comedian Carl Joshua Ncube joined the
conversation, giving us quite an insightful take on the topic of the day "Heartbreak after Silly
Season (Festive Season)”
"(The) challenge with relationships nowadays is that there is very little quality time…it’s all sex,
too much noise and not enough time to really know someone…you only get surprised because
you weren't paying attention," said Carl, who is one of my newly found followers.
Apart from @Carl Joshua Ncube, we had the likes of @Zama Wacho, @Ronald Tinashe Zuze
and plenty of other fellow ‘savvages’ that made this particular show that much more interesting.
With that, I hope you join in on the Heart and Soul Zim Facebook Live and we can get