Families hang for dear life in Binga


Four days after the Binga flash floods government is still battling to rescue marooned and displaced families, government has said.
Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa during a press brief said cabinet had received a report which indicated that affected families were in dire straits hanging from trees while others were marooned in the wake of the flash floods which hit Binga.

“Cabinet received a report on the flashfloods which had been experienced in Binga district Nsugwale area, under chief Sinakoma as presented by acting minister of local governance Perrence Shiri. It was reported that due to the heavy backlash all the 21 families in the flood plain are marooned and 11 people are hangingon trees waiting for assistance ” she said.
Mutsvangwa said air force and the military had since been deployed to ensure that those hanging in trees and marooned with no food or shelter be rescued.
“The air force of Zimbabwe , sub aqua unit stationed at Fairbridge, Bulawayo and the civil protection department had been mobilized to assist the affected families ,” she said.
There has been an out cry that government has not moved enough to offer help and assistance to the affected Binga families with government being blamed of not taken the crisis seriously.
Mutsvangwa however said because of weather conditions the air force was unable to effectively mount a rescue and search operation but as conditions improved more help was being dispatched.
Government has recommended in the interim that food stuffs and make shift accommodation be mobilized for those in Binga.
“Cabinet short term recommendation that there should be quick evacuation of the affected families, non food and food items be mobilized for the affected families and that the district civil protection committee should continuously monitor the general health and welfare of the people for possible outbreaks of waterborne related diseases ” she said.