3 is not a crowd


The World’s Best Breakfast is the longest running show on Heart and Soul and commands quite a huge
following. Each time that I get on air I get radio butterflies, no two shows are ever the same and the
energy is always different.
Keith – AKA ‘CHOCOLATE THUNDER’ or our ‘American Boy’, as we’d like to call him, is so in love with
acclimatizing to being Zimbabwean, its cute. While he couldn’t read Shona names to save his life, he
brings a weird sense of humor and global knowledge that makes the show work.

Kirstee or Caramel Rain is of course our own ‘News Bae’ and is beauty, brains and privilege all wrapped
into one. A no nonsense busy body who may protest but gets the job done. Combine this with her odd
terminology, love for luxury with a dash of feminism. What do we get is nothing short of unadulterated
As for me, ‘Fufu’ – Watch the show and you will know me better.
My point is, we are so different in our own respective ways. The different backgrounds, sometimes
heart-breaking pasts muddled with future anxiety make us a disaster that works.
Three certainly is not a crowd but a magical brew of genius
It is the number of creation and completion.
And it is a different kind of threesome.