Sanii Vows to Keep Speaking his Mind


By bruce tawanda

Controversial but talented singer Sanii Makhalima has vowed to not only fight for the truth but
continue speaking his mind as well through his music.
“We are going to continue speaking up through our songs. Even though it sometimes gets us in
trouble, we are not going to let that stop us,” said Makhalima.
Appearing on HStv Radio’s ‘Star of the Day’ segment, where he was officially announcing his latest
single, a collabos with Titan titled ‘Love You More’ the musician said that he would continue
standing up for what he believed in.
“I am a bit of loose cannon and sometimes I say and do what others are scared of. I’ve always been a
free-spirit and it has gotten me in trouble a few times. I’ve gotten in trouble with the govt, the fans
and just about everyone else.
“As the ‘voice of the people’ I will continue to speak up against socio-political injustices,” he said.
Sanii fell victim to backlash from all sectors of society back in 2011 when he produced an album for
the Born Free Crew who were seen as an ‘extension’ of the government of the day.
“Controversy came back in 2011 when I recorded the Born Free Crew album. We were head-hunted
by the Government to work on a media project. I’d just returned from SA and had to do my ‘national
service’ so Mbale, Mzimba and myself, produced the project. The Government needed a service and
we were there to provide it.
“I received threats on my life, my family and my business from all corners but I still tried to do my
part and carry on with my art. The controversy has dogged me for years now but I have no regret
whatsoever,” he said.
The singer said that it was important for the fans to realise that he was a business man at the end of
the day and that he had a family to feed.
“I am a business man and I still face the same situations as the rest of the people. When I’m in the
studio, I’m at work and the fans need to realise that. It was a difficult decision because at the end of
the day I have a family to feed, a legacy to create,” he said.
As a musician, Makhalima said that it was important for one to do songs that made a difference to
the society in which they belonged.
“We are socialists, inspired by the society around us and we use our talents to give back to society.
We need to be able to speak-up on issues of the day. We don’t just want to do love songs, we also
need songs that connect with the masses and as such the music needs to speak to the soul,” said