MDC youths detained after Zanu PF clash


BY Wesley Muriva
MDC is up in arms against the police accusing them of selective application of the law following clashes with Zanu PF in Mbare in the aftermath of a Nelson Chamisa “agenda 2020 address”.
Denford Ngadziore the MDC youth secretary for Harare province blamed accused Zanu PF youths for stroking the violence, but police arrested members of the opposition instead. “Zanu PF pretended to be mobilising its supporters for a clean-up campaign but later went to the market operated by MDC youths and vandalised property. We are not surprised by Zanu PF’s actions and what is shocking is that while the MDC youths went to report the matter at Matapi Police Station they were the ones detained by the police. Regardless of this victimization we have a duty to stop this now and forever,” he said
Zanu PF was also throwing counter accusations, blaming the MDC for the violent exchanges which rocked Mbare and left property damaged and destroyed.
Emmanuel Mahachi the Zanu PF district coordinating committee secretary for youth affairs said violence broke out after suspected MDC youths attacked ruling party members during a clean-up exercise.
 “There was a clean-up campaign and in the process, they passed through a place where some were not happy with the programme. They started throwing stones, attacking them. I was shocked by the reaction because they where not provoked in any way,” he alleged.
He said it was them who called the police to quell the violence.
 “We called police to the place and they arrived to calm down the situation. People were injured including the secretary for environment who was leading the programme, secretary for health and one of our youths. They were taken to hospital,”. he said “A report was made at Matapi Police Station.”