Life from a Disabled Student’s Perspective


By Colleen Chifamba

Life through the Disability Lens is a show that captures the entire scope in terms of disability,
well, most of it. It then acts as a platform for people with disabilities to share their
experiences as well as highlighting pertinent issues.
The idea is to bring to the fore everyday issues, hence the title ‘Life through the Disability
The program not only seeks to educate the audience but also change their perspective in
regards to disability, hopefully prompting them to join hands with people from all walks of
life, including ones with disabilities.
Ultimately, a fight for disability rights is crucial, considering the fact that disability can
happen to anyone.

The first episode of ‘Life Through the Disability Lens’ was of course aired on Friday the 24 th
of January and since it was my first time, I was nervous. With the Heart & Soul theme for
January being ‘Back to School’, our show focused on the experiences of individuals with
disabilities in the school setup, including myself.
What struck me about the experiences shared was how unique they were. It showed me that
even if there is a common factor in our lives, at times the occurrences differ.
Dumi, our first participant, reflected on how life as a student at KG6 in Bulawayo
empowered him to be able to live independently and look after himself with his disability. On
the other hand, our second participant, Tapiwa, being the only student with a disability at
Prince Edward shared his dreadful experience there.
Having gone through 3 different types of school systems; a special school, a government
school and lastly a private school myself, I then took the chance to share my own unique
school experience.
It is my desire that whomever listened to the show, learnt something new about experiences
that students in Zimbabwe with disabilities face.