Land for sex corruption worries – TIZ


BY Petronilla Mukamuri

CORRUPTION the cancer blamed of bringing the economy to its knees has affected women the most according to a research by respected corruption watchdog Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ).
Ahead of the launch of three documents the Gender and Corruption Barometer, the Corruption Impact Analysis on Tax Administration and Revenue Mobilization in Zimbabwe 2019, TIZ said women in the informal sector are most affected by corruption victims.
TIZ research officer Samuel Matikiti addressing a press conference said the research shows corrupt activities tended to have more impact on women than men at different levels .
“Key findings are actually based on an in-depth understanding of women experience and corruption and how and how this is intertwined with the whole concept of gender based violence,” Matikiti said.
Women have borne the brunt of corruption in land distribution programs, access to medical health care and informal business.
“There are structural factors such as land disposition and land corruption which actually affect and impact access to land by women in our country… women face a high risk of physical abuse, sexual extortion and exploitation,” TIZ said.
These findings are also contained in the 2012 and 2014 Annual State of Corruption Report ,2014 Youth and Corruption Baseline,2016 Women ,Land and Water  Corruption Study.
The Gender and Corruption Barometer also shows that 57.7% of women are working in informal sector where there are higher chances of exploitation according to TIZ.
Poverty, disability and lack of information are some of the traps used by the corrupt, the studies reveal.
TIZ director Muchaneta Mundopa said that in order to fight corruption women themselves should add their voice in anticorruption campaigns and to stand up for themselves.
‘’One of the aims why we embark on this study is coming up with anticorruption campaigns ,and that women should be encouraged to take part from grassroots level,” said Mundopa.
Since taking office President Emmerson Mnangagwa has talked big, saying he had a zero tolerance to corruption, promising a massive crackdown on the corrupt.
However his words have failed to deliver the action the nation had expected with only four high profile personalities having been arrested in three years, and none jailed so far.