Ian P


BT: Its a little over a year now since HStv hit the airwaves, how has the journey been for you thus far?

IP: The journey has been amazing, a very empowering one for both myself and the entire team. I learnt a
lot about leading a talented team with passion and great vision.

BT: Would you mind giving us an idea of how the idea for HStv came together and what some of the
motivations behind it were?

IP: HStv came about all things digital. I was discovered by AMH management via a digital platform while
working on a digital radio. But it was my passion to combine TV and Radio in one that caught their
imagination, so that journey of crafting the first digital teleradio began. We started off by designing the
whole entire concept together with Kangai in May 2018 (now MD of Heart and Soul). He took me to
number 1 where I saw the space and a great canvas it was. We custom hand built everything in that
studio, from architectural design to the artwork. Heart and Soul was a feeling. It is still today, a whole
different experience from other traditional radio stations on the market. Thanks to Kangai, Wildfire,
Henry, Munya, Shelton and the rest of the team who stood by me since day one.

BT: How has the response from the market been so far and where do you see the brand going?

IP: Heart and Soul was a new thing we put out there like any other IOT (Internet Of Things) product. It was
bound to capture a whole new audience for us, mainly in the diaspora. Whats cool about HStv is its
constantly visual in someway or the other so it became a window to what was happening in Zimbabwe
and the world around. I believe Heart and Soul has a lot of potential to go far. It is a global brand that
should carry Zim talent far. I always say showcasing #ZimTalent to the world and it will be the first.

BT: Just how far do you feel the brand has gone in achieving what you guys initially set out to at the very

IP: Well we have our first offering to DStv for SAYWHAT university quiz challenge. That hasnt been done by
any other local station if I am not mistaken. We have caught the eye of BBC Africa to develop content
exchange and that should say a whole lot.

BT: Would you mind sharing with us some of your most cherished moments in your tenure as Station

IP: Everyday really. One of the very first interviews was with Trevor and Kenias as a showcase of what we
had built. Very candid but it gave them a feeling. That was magic. But the biggest moment to date was
meeting and falling in love instantly with now my wife the day she stepped into the studio for an
interview on the World's Best Breakfast. Which Fufu and I hosted. February 6th, can never forget that
day and the most amazing thing is that interview is still there online. Thats the beauty and magic of
Heart and Soul. Its always there. Where ever you are.

BT: With you stepping down as Station Manager, what does the future hold for Ian.P?

IP: Fatherhood and IAN P. UNIVERSAL. A whole new experience of adventure. A man who can not dream
can never see beyond what his eyes can only see.