Hannah Lube Calls for More ‘Eco-Friendly’ Awareness Programs


By Bruce Tawanda

Local entrepreneur Hannah Lube believes that Zimbabwe could do more when it comes to educating
its masses on the best eco-friendly practices.
She was of course speaking to HStv RADIIO this past week during the ‘Game Changer of the Day’
segment where she was launching a brand of diapers that she believes will go a long way in
addressing issues of affordability and eco-friendliness.
“I feel like we are getting there, slowly (but surely). There is however a need to educate and create
awareness in as far as this area is concerned. We could educate the people and more importantly,
show them how beneficial it is for us and our environment”, she the ‘Little Somethings’ Shop owner.
Hannah opened up about how she herself, being a young mother, took the initiative after seeing
how harmful disposable diapers were to the environment and how unaffordable they had also
become in recent years.
“I initially had a baby shop and was trying to provide something unique that was specifically
targeted at the Zimbabwean market. My little one was at the time using disposable diapers and
because I had no other options available to me, I decided to make them for myself.
“Apart from the danger to the environment that they pose, I had issues with the pricing when it
came to disposable diapers. I’m so happy that I made the decision to go green and I can’t stress just
how important these products are and their eco-friendliness”, she said.
Hannah said she was optimistic that it was only a matter of time before her product had flooded the
market has also taken it upon herself to use the coming months to extensively market her product in
and out of Zimbabwe
“The response from the market has been positive and the people are excited to see an eco-friendly
product that is locally made and affordable as well.
“We are looking forward to expanding our range in order to be able to cater for every market, so
that’s definitely something we will be working on. We hope that we can create a cheaper version of
the diapers that is affordable and easy to access for the locals”, said Lube.
Her diapers are made from special fabrics that include cotton and bamboo, which are known to be
more absorbent and prevent any leakage. According to Hannah, they are more ‘practical’ than the
old diapers, much softer, thinner and more absorbent.
“Depending on how you look after them, you can use them over a long period of time. There’s
certainly a number of precautions that you need to take before you use them, like avoiding soaking
them for too long etc”, she said.