ED putting dialogue on hold – Chamisa


By Chengeto Chidi
ATTEMPTS by former South African President Thabo Mbeki to broker talks between MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa are being staled by the ruling party, the opposition has said.
Addressing hundreds of supporters in Mbare, where he delivered Agenda 2020 Chamisa blamed has Mnangagwa for the snag in talks.
” Mbeki came to me and I had a meeting with him, he asked us what we wanted and we told him that we wanted to have genuine dialogue guaranteed by a neutral mediator and that we could not join Polad, he then went to Mnaangagwa our position, but Mnangagwa requested to carry out processes with his people, Mbeki up to now is waiting to hear from Mnangagwa,” Chamisa said.
Digging in Chamisa said legitimacy remained an important pillar of any dialogue.
“We must return to legitimacy and democracy. Zimbabwe must have a political dialogue that is credible and genuine underwritten by the international community to facilitate a transitional authority that will pave way for reforms. The National Transition Authority is the appropriate vehicle to turnaround this country,” he said.
He called on his charges to stand up and face Zanu PF and the government over economic collapse saying poverty, joblessness and shortages of basics were being caused by the seating regime.
“We have heard you ask time and time again. What are you doing to provide an alternative, and I say to you again, we are the people’s leadership. We hold within us your deep desire for change. We are the unfulfilled expression of the people’s true will. We are you. It is you who voted for us. You, whose vote was stolen in 2018. You who WE will continue to fight with, side by side,” he said.
Chamisa said 2020 will be a year of action, a year of demonstrations and said by May a solution in Zim will have been found.