UK based Zimbabwean entertainer DJ Tanye says that Zimbabwe is a land of untapped potential, not
just in terms of wealth but talent as well.
The dj was of course speaking during a stopover on HStv Radio’s ‘Unsigned HYPE’ this past month.
“Our country is rich and has a lot of unexploited potential, not just in terms of minerals but talent as
well and I feel that it is about time we started tapping into that market and put ourselves on the
international scene,” said DJ Tanye.
The wheel-spinner has rubbed shoulders with the some of the most notable names in Hollywood
and the music industry, the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Sway Lee, Future, Young Thug, Jason Derulo,
Fetty Wap and Steflon Don, to mention but a few but he still remains as ‘down-to-earth’ as ever
“I’m not even there yet, I’m still working. I’m on the come-up,” he said humbly.
The deejay who has been doing his thing and carrying the nation’s flag on the international scene
said he was back home briefly to reconnect with the ‘motherland’ and also get to liase with both
established and upcoming stars back home in the hope that he too can play its part in Zimbabwe on
the map.
“I’m not a hater, I’m just a facilitator, I’m always ready to help the next person get to where they
want to go or link them up with the right people that could help get them there,” he said.
Having made his presence felt on the international music scene, DJ Tanye said that owed it all the
people that surround him.
“I can’t claim anybody else’s success. Success is a ‘team sport’, so that’s why having a team around
you is key if you want to take your career further.
“I’m being mentored by some of the greatest deejays and performers on the planet, from Charles
Prince, Sam Savage to Dj Ike, to name just a few,” said Dj Tanye.