Youths Need to Take More Interest in Issues of National Interest


By Bruce Tawanda

Local youths have been challenged to take more interest and participate in issues of national
interest as it is only they who can safeguard their future.
The call came from MDC ALLIANCE and KAMBUZUMA MP Hon Willias Madzimura during HStv
Radio’s ‘YETT FRIDAY’ segment whose focus was the Auditor General’s Office, the Public Accounts
Committee and their functions.
“As the youths and future of the nation they must be interested in what is happening and that
means following the reports and findings that are made public, more specifically how the money is
being allocated and being spent,” said Hon Madzimura.
According to the legislator, a good place to start would be attending public hearings like those of the
Auditor General’s Office, Public Accounts Committee and any other relevant organ of state whose
mandate has a direct impact on them.
“We encourage the youths to come and sit in during our public hearings. It is their responsibility to
make sure that their demands are well-founded as we only deal with facts. This is their podium for
demanding accountability and transparency from those in power,” said the Kambuzuma MP.
His Zanu Pf counterpart and Member of Parliament for Mberengwa East Constituency, Hon Marko
Raidza was in full support of the statements put forward by his colleague.
“The youths need to take matters of governance very seriously, they must take an interest in how
the office of the A.G presents its reports.
“By coming through to our public hearings you will get to appreciate the work that we will be doing
to push for transparency and accountability from anyone who has been allocated with public funds,”
said Hon Raidza.
The Mberengwa East Constituency MP said that instead of just focusing on figures alone, they had
turned their attention towards what he termed as ‘performance audits’.
“Our audits are no longer about the numbers alone but the effective use of those resources when
allocated and as such ‘performance audits’ have become necessary. The books might look balanced
but were the resources put to good use?” he said.
Being the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Zimbabwe, the Office of the Auditor General sustains its
relevance by producing periodical reports on Government expenditure.