Lobby for ‘Youth Act’ Gathers Momentum


Lobby for ‘Youth Act’ Gathers Momentum
By Bruce Tawanda

An appeal has been made for the enactment of a ‘Youth Act’ in the hope that it will comprehensively
deal with issues that affect the younger generation.
“We’d want to create a conducive environment for the youths to be able to participate in the
development of the nation, making sure that what young people have advocated for is taken into
consideration. The policy should now be translated into an Act and we want it to be implemented as
soon as possible.
“We need legislation that is very specific and that caters to young people and their needs,” said Chivi
North Member of Parliament Hon Mathias Tongofa during a broadcast of this week’s episode of
YETT FRIDAYS, whose focus was the role of the Portfolio Committee on Youth, Sports, Arts and
“We have to make sure that the provisions of Section 20 of the constitution have been
implemented. We have been championing these issues like the enactment of acts and legislature to
push organisations to involve more youths” added the legislator.
Zanu Pf Seke-Chikomba women’s quota MP Hon Tatenda Mavetera shared the same thoughts as her
counterpart and said that it would also go a long way in making their work easier.
“As the Portfolio Committee on Youth we’d want to do more and the Youth Policy certainly needs to
be addressed, we need to make sure that there is legislation in place that supports our work,” she
The Portfolio Committee on Youth’s roles comprise of oversight over the ministry of Youths, Sports &
Culture, passing of legislation (laws that govern people) and representing the people.
“The committee has been doing its job in a variety of ways, with one of those being the consultation
of people on issues pertinent to them like the National Budget or the Constitution. We look at issues
that are affecting young people. Finding out what those in a position of power are doing wrong
and bringing them to the task.
“We do public hearings where we interact with everyone and get to hear what they have to say and
then we go on and represent what the people have to say in Parliament. I’d like to believe that we
are doing well since we ourselves are youths as well,” said Hon Mavetera.