ED attacks the opposition as he blames them for the loss of lives during protests


3:18 pm Mnagagwa begins his speech, says there’s no political party that has a bigger conference than Zanu PF

3:26 pm Disloyalty and wrongdeeds of any kind must be corrected

3:26 pm Rejuvenation of party structures must be a priority

3:29 pm ED attacks the opposition as he blames them for the loss of lives during protests

3:30 pm We are the party of the future despite being the revolutionary party ED

3:32 pm “You are rulers of this country, you are the power, you are the future of this country,” ED tells delegates

3:32 pm He says nobody can remove the party from power.

3:32pm The land must be productive and there is no more room for cell phone farmers

3:33 pm “There is no room for cellphone farmers,” ED

3:36 pm God blessed Zanu PF by stopping the rains as we did our deliberations, after we finished and went to eat rains began to fall and when we finished eating the rains stopped – ED

3:38 pm ED talks about servant leadership, telling the party officials to serve the voters who put them in office

3:39 pm Says civil servants should change towards service delivery, warns he will fire ? those who refuse change will be changed

3:40 pm In future some of the national events (such as Independence) should be held with the people… outside Harare

3:40 pm “Independence should not only be celebrated in Harare alone – independence was not for Harare alone but the whole country.. in future some of the National events should be celebrated with the people

3:42 pm “These conferences are not a talking show, we must deliver our promises”

3:45 pm “Go home and tell the people that the party is alive, United, but we have been told that God said we shall eat based on our hard work

3:47 pm “Love one another and love your country … the Zimbabwe we want is possible and victory is certain,” ED

3:47 pm With these remarks Mnangagwa closes the 18th people’s conference