Zimbabwe Theatre Academy goes digital on HStv


Zimbabwe Theatre Academy goes digital on HStv

By Bruce Tawanda


THE Zimbabwe Theatre Academy has introduced a digital first called The Tele-Radio Theatre Show produced and broadcast weekly on HStv weekly.

The show broadcasts between 1100hrs-1115hrs every Tuesday.

“This new initiative is our own way of ‘digitalizing’ theatre and packaging it for the folks back at home. The aim is to build an appreciation for theatre for our people and also use this same platform to spread awareness on the various issues that affect them,” said Zimbabwe Theatre Academy Co-ordinator, Lloyd Nyikadzino just after the first broadcast.

Nyikadzino said show presents the nation with a platform through which every day issues can be highlighted in an informal, entertaining and educative atmosphere.

“This is one platform in particular that we can use to tackle pertinent issues that we feel as a society need addressing. Just like we did through our short presentation, we re-enacted something that we thought was topical in today’s society and we are using this as a means of provoking the people to act”, he said.

The show’s target audience, according to Nyikadzino, is the younger generation, whom he feels are at a critical stage in their lives where they need as much guidance as they can.

“Our focus is on issues to do with the youth, whom we feel make up the foundation or basis for our future. Just like that old adage which says ‘catch them young’, we are making sure that our products and programs target this special age group,” he said.

Nyikadzino said he was looking forward to packaging more exciting and educative content for the viewers and listeners.

“The hope is that over the coming weeks we can cover topical issues like drug abuse, religion, child marriages and the state of our nation, among others. The most important question we have to keep in mind is, ‘How can we forge forward as a nation?’. We are in need of strategies that take the nation forward and I feel that this platform is a very good place to start,” he said.

The inaugural episode of the The Tele-radio Theatre show featured talented actors in their own right like DalmaChiwereva (who is also a musician) and her counterpart Lucky Mpofu, who put on a captivating act that dealt with how today’s generation perceives beauty.