Push to end boys clubs in media


Push to end boys club’s in media

By Bruce Tawanda

Alpha Media Holdings Acting Finance Director, Teklah Gondokondo said Zimbabwe still has a long way to go in breaking “boys clubs” especially in the media industry which is male-dominated.

Speaking on HStv radio Gondokondo said the need to drive gender parity, should not just be limited to the media industry but in every sector of society.

“As a society, there’s still a lot more that can be done. We need to do more when it comes to supporting the girl child”, said Gondokondo, during HStv’s ‘AMH Conversations’ program.

Gondokondo said women have not been given a fair chance to flourish in areas of their trade because of male dominance.

“I don’t think that there’s a fair representation of women in the industry mainly because it tends to be a ‘boys club’ sometimes where women have to work extra hard for recognition. Women have for years been marginalized and as such, we need to up the fight for equal representation at every level”, she said.

Having risen and made a name for herself in the field of accounting, Gondokondo said that the secret to her success was self-motivated and has been using every chance that she gets to help motivate other women to take a bold step towards achieving their dreams.

“I always urge my fellow women to go to school, educate themselves, build a brand and empower themselves in any way that they can,” she said.

Unique Zimuto who was part of the panel took time to off her insights using her own experiences.

“Women need to understand that you have to work for whatever you want in life, you cannot expect to be given things on a platter every single time. I had to show the capacity to do whatever it was that I set my sights on and bulldoze my way to where I am right now. I’ve learnt that if you are passionate about something and have a story to tell, tell it. Avoid playing the victim all the time”, said Zimuto.

The call was louder on government and cooperates to provide support in uplifting women.

“We need more platforms to support women like the availing of training centres specifically targeted at the girl child to help train them in the same disciplines as their male counterparts. We need to develop gender policies that create a level-playing-field for everyone and have networking programs and forums in place as well”, said Gondokondo.

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