Mutodi warns Zanu PF youths against false accusations


Mutodi warns Zanu PF youths against false accusations

By Chengeto Chidi

Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi has warned Zanu PF youth league members against making false accusations against law abiding citizens without evidence lest they face litigation.

In an interview with HStv this afternoon, Mutodi said there are cases where members of the ruling party have showed signs of indiscipline and lack of proper analytical skills.

He urged youth league members to produce concrete proof before publicly accusing others of corruption.

This follows their naming and shaming of 15 alleged corrupt top party and government officials, among them Cabinet ministers and business leaders whom they said were running illegal foreign currency rings. The youth league leaders also named those it said were responsible for price manipulation and looting the economy.

“If you are then accusing someone you need to have legal knowledge about what constitutes or the elements of the crime,” Mutodi said.

“In the case of the RBZ governor (John Mangudya), or in case of some people who have been mentioned by the youth league, it is so good to name and shame, but basically you need to have relevant facts and to know what really the crime is all about. Its not just accusing someone because that attracts a lot of litigation, lots of court cases and so on.”

He advised party youth to refrain from rushing to accuse people without supporting evidence as this casts doubt on their credibility.

“And that does not have a proper picture of the youth league members who would have come up with those allegations,” Mutodi said.

In response to his tweets which have gone viral, particularly where he is said to have denigrated the Midlands State University, the minister argued that he was misunderstood.

“They didn’t understand me when I said try MSU, it was situational. I was responding to an advocate who was trying to undermine a minister in public and a Zanu PF youth league member who has a very high office then goes on to denigrate the minister and say the minister was a liability to the government and that is very disrespectful on his oath,’ Mutodi said.

He refuted claims that he had described Zanu PF youth league members as dunderheads saying the response was directed at Tendai Chirau who had responded to the tweet and sought to denigrate him in public.

“I was not referring to the whole youth league. I was responding to an advocate who is undermining the minister. The youth league is full of very brilliant people, some of them,” Mutodi said.

The minister was unapologetic for calling the youth league official Chirau a dunderhead.

“I am sure that the word I used befitted the behaviour he displayed in public,” Mutodi said.