Free cancer screening for Mabvuku

Breast Cancer month

By Chengeto Chidi

Mabvuku residents expressed their gratitude for free breast cancer screening carried out at Mabvuku Polytechnic Clinic today.
Various individuals interviewed were happy to get screened for breast cancer for free.
Cervical cancer survivor and  Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe member Febbie Shoko who was screened for breast cancer expressed her gratitude to NetOne for sponsoring the event and urged the government to intervene in breast cancer because many women are losing lives to breast cancer.
“I want to ask the government to adopt the same idea with the AIDS levy and introduce a cancer levy.
She stressed on the need to get checked in time in order to get treatment earlier.
Shoko appreciated the move by NetOne because many residents lack and urged women to get screened awareness in breast cancer related issues
” Many people were not aware of the free cancer screening at Mabvuku clinic so yesterday I had to walk the whole day informing people about it. I urge women and men to get screened for breast cancer every month,” said Shoko.

Men also took part in the cancer screening though they came in small numbers and prominent boxer Charles Manyuchi was also screened for cancer and urged male residents to get screened for breast cancer
“I thank NetOne for sponsoring  this because many men  are not aware that they can be breast cancer victims including those who participate in sports activities,” he said.
Staff at the Mabvuku Polytechnic Clinic led by example and received best cancer screening.
Sister-In-Charge at the Mabvuku Polytechnic Clinic Tracey Mafura was happy with the numbers who turned up to be screened
“Many people are not aware of the importance of breast cancer screening in time since it is a deadly disease.
She also urged men to get screened because breast cancer can occur in men too.
Mafura expressed her regret for patients who come to the clinic at the peak of cancer stage with most losing their lives
“We receive many patients who will be suffering from breast cancer and we refer them to Parirenyatwa but some cannot afford to go there and some do not because they are held back by their traditional beliefs,” Mafura said.
Adolescent girls and women of all ages took part in the breast cancer screening which took place from 8am till 3pm.