MDC to demonstrate without notice




MDC will now employ  ambush demonstrations as they confront the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying they will now not issue notices to the police as proscribe by the Public Order and Security Act (POSA).

Speaking ahead of the MDC 20th anniversary celebrations this weekend, party youth leader Obey Sithole has said the problem was located in notifying the police of intended demonstrations because they would then mobilise and thwart the protests.

The youth assemble will now employ the element of surprise and demonstrate without any notice.

“They have stopped demonstrations when we notify them but they cannot stop us when we want to demonstrate, After 16 August, if you have been following, we had a demonstration that we conducted and we went to parliament, over the abductions we also staged a demonstration at Parirenyatwa, we have simply resolved to have a change of strategy we have notified that that we want to demonstrate and they have said you cannot continue so the problem is us to notify them, now we won’t be notifying them,” he said.

On August 16, the MDC was banned from staging a demonstration after notifying the police with its supporters being beaten and injured in running battles with the authorities.

The youth assembly said it will not be cowed down by the state sponsored legitimate violence calling on people to resist the government of Mnangagwa because it is illegitimate.’

“People have to understand the deference between violence and resistance, what I have always advocated is resistance, it is every persons right to resist any form of oppression and repression so this is what I have been saying, resist this intolerable culture of abducting people, of creating joblessness, a culture of eliminating education and health among the citizens for crying out loud these are fundamental human rights. We cannot be conformist we cannot conform to illegitimacy, we will continue to resist an illegitimate government and that is not violence in any way,” Sithole said.

He went further challenged Mnangagwa to step down saying he was not elected by the people but instead stole the vote.

“I then advise him to pave way for the right people to lead this country because he has clearly failed to run this country.