Residents raise concerns over hiked electricity tariffs.


Residents Raise Concerns Over Hiked

Electricity Tariffs

Zimbabweans have challenged power supply utility Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) to up their game and ensure uninterrupted power supplies ahead of a massive tariff hike.
The country has been experiencing long hours of load-shedding lasting for about 18 hours a day.
XXXXXX from Warren Park said owing to high inflation and the ZWL$ losing value against the USD$ both on the parallel market and interbank market it was only fair to review tariffs upwards.
“It is their right to hike the electricity tariffs because the bond note is losing value but at least they have to increase the tariffs at the same time supplying adequate power to us.
“There is no reason of hiking the tariffs while they are not supplying enough power, we are receiving the electricity late in the evening and they turn it off early in the morning which is not working for us,” she said.
A confrontational xxxxxx said it was time to act against ZESA for failing to provide electricity on demand, calling for an occupation of ZESA offices.
“This situation of electricity supply in Zimbabwe has become a problem, if they don’t want to supply us with the electricity that will be good, we can stay knowing that we don’t have electricity in Zimbabwe and we use firewood.”
“If the situation remains as this we are going to unite and occupy the ZESA offices so that they can explain to us in order to solve the issue of electricity supply, they don’t have to limit the electricity supply because it’s us who are paying for it unlike in the past years when we used to pay the bills per month,” she said.
Another consumer xxxx said that ZESA a government entity should not hike tariffs when there was no movement in salary.
“This is a burden to us; they can’t hike the electricity tariffs because our payments are stagnant, we cannot afford to purchase the power which they are supplying to us late in the evening while we are asleep,” she said.
Sharon Jongwe who works at DM grocery shop cried over losses that they were experiencing owing to the power cuts saying they had lost perishables and made huge loses.
“The issue of electricity is now a problem to us, they have hiked the tariffs but we spend the whole day without electricity which is causing our meats to rot and the fuel (for generators) prices are going up every day so it is not making any sense,” she said.
The electricity tariffs were increased last week with immediate effect which saw the rise of electricity tariff for non-exporting business from ZWL9.86c\kWh to an average of ZWl44c\kWh while for domestic consumers it’s now ZWL27c\kWh from an average of ZWL9.86c\kWh.
During a live recording of Alpha Media Holdings premier show In Conversation with Trevor, Energy minister Fortune Chasi said that the power tariff increase could not be avoided because it could lead to the collapse of ZESA.