Harare battles water shortages.


Harare battles water shortages

By Kundai Maponga

CITY of Harare launched an urban renewal programme in a bid to achieve a world-class city status by 2025.
In its program Harare which is due to an ever-increasing population, and dilapidated infrastructure is struggling to offer service delivery is moving to modernize and catch up with the rest of the world.
Mayor Herbert Gomba speaking at the event said it was important to ensure an advanced and smart city.
“We are building into the major successes and today we are here to demonstrate our commitment to upscale the program and spread the scope into beautification of our islands, replacement of pavements, construction of new modern public convenience facilities, grass cutting, stormwater drain clearance, illegal dumps clearance and rehabilitation of our roads,” he said.
Smarting from acute water shortages and battling to contain water-borne diseases, the Mayor said his plan will address the critical issue of water supply.
“Very clear on our dashboard is the need to improve in the water supply to the residents of Harare and various interventions are being implemented and we will update you regularly on that,” Gomba said.
Ratepayers have been up in arms with council accusing them of failing to deal with bad roads potholes, the non-collection of refuse, and a failing sewer reticulation system among other ills.
Gomba said these challenges are at the heart of his plan and will be dealt with.
“We also need to appreciate the fact that there has been a gradual demand for more and better council services in areas such as waster collection, housing, road quality and water supply among other services.
“We have been affected by problems such as sewer bursts because our infrastructure is no longer able to cope with the ever-rising population. We also have been ravaged by archaic diseases such as cholera and typhoid because of the state of our infrastructure. These are the areas we want to focus on so that we improve the lives of our people,” he said.
Speaking at the launch which was graced by the town clerk Engineer Hosiah Abraham Chisango and key stakeholders, Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba admitted that the capital was once an attractive city in the continent and the launch of urban renewal programme will bring a change to its beautification.
e City of Harare is also partnering with Econet Wireless to transform the face of First street mall.